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July 30, 2009

In a Different Play

During the school year we keep our usual cast of characters close by: our work associates, our assorted family members, the grocery store cashier who makes our day, the barista who makes our coffee.  During the summer, exceptional people pop into our circle – faraway cousins on their summer trip, familymembers at the reunion, senior class members at the 40th reunion (Go Bears!), workers in tourist towns and National Parks… In short, in summer we are in a different play.

What do you do when your workaday self  suddenly discovers that you are in a new play with different people and scenery and lines about what is important?  What can we learn in the summer that we never have the chance to learn the rest of the year?  Some people try to keep everything pretty much the same; they play a cop or a nurse or Alice or Elwood no matter where they are.  Some people want things utterly different and play against type whenever they can.  What are we learning?

Most adult learning experts say that in order to learn something really new, one has to want to.  That means one has to be really curious, just naturally curious, or one has to be put into such disequilibrium that one has GOT to learn the new thing for survival’s sake. 

What are you learning in this season? In the next blog I’ll share what I’m learning.   Peace.  pat

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