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November 4, 2009

The Sixteenth Day of Looking Out and In

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Today is Wednesday, often a day of meetings at Church Innovations.  For me it will be, as so many days have been over the past year, a day of meetings after a night of very little sleep.


This day’s meetings include one with our regular staff, one with our United Kingdom partners, and one with reading team conveners on our research team. I really appreciate all of these staff members, and in general, I enjoy meetings that bring us face-to-face, voice-to-voice, meetings that build our relationships and help us deepen our trust in one another.  Even meetings called to address obstacles and problems can be wonderful times of trust-building. 


I have watched leaders in the past couple of weeks rise to extraordinary challenges. A couple of them were expected by many, even willed by some, to fail.  Through the strength of their personal relationships with their teams and through very good hard work, they did not fail.  The way they continue to do it seems simple: every day they work at their craft, making it work really well – not perfect, but really, really well. They work at a high level of competence, not by falling into it or happening to get it done but working, working, working away at it. It is good work. Very good work.  They also do what it takes to show respect and even fondness for others.  Fondness! From leaders.  Fondness. Tenderness.  Connection.  Fondness!


When I falter, usually it is because I have lost confidence in my own ability to turn out very good work, or I have found it impossible to show fondness to others because some irritation or haste or weariness has gotten in the way.  Today I am looking out for very good work and I am looking out for ways to show fondness.  But I am looking in, too.

Peace. pat







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