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November 9, 2009

Looking for Peace – Abundance – Shalom: Day 21

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Some places I go I am quite welcome, and they wave me in, flagging me down like a big airplane and guide me into a parking spot right next to my friends. This happens in a group I attend weekly, and it happens when I’ve arranged to meet someone for coffee or a meal at a restaurant and I’m the last to arrive.  It also happens when I travel to visit friends or family – the wilder people I know actually dispense hugs, even in this fear-of-flu era, and even the reserved folks I care about raise their hands and smile, some almost imperceptibly (but for them, cracking a smile is almost like unfurling a 40-foot banner and waving it around). It is glorious.


Some places I go I fit in and my presence is tolerated. There’s a place for me, just the way there’s a place for many others. We find that place, sit down, and enjoy the situation. This happens on the bus, in a clinic waiting room, in a restaurant where I’m not a regular, and in some meetings.  It is just fine.  No big deal. 


Some places I go it turns out I do not fit and sometimes people are shocked to see me. Some do not want me there (one violent instance of this I may devote a whole entry to someday). Some of the shocked people are very kind and extend a welcome anyway.  Some of them merely raise an eyebrow. Some remain completely indifferent.  Some find me – this is increasingly amazing to me – utterly invisible.  I mean, they just do not see me.  Some of you reading this blog don’t know me.  But I am usually seen.  And if I’m not seen, I’ll do something to be seen. That’s just me.  Yet I tell you the truth, recently I was invisible for the better part of two days.


Now what interests me is locating the peace when I am invisible.  How do you find or receive peace when people cannot or will not see you?  It can be very cold.  If I have a choice, I’ll tend to go to the warm and friendly places and to the neutral places when I must.  But on this 40-day quest I’m getting interested in the places where I’m frozen out.


Peace. pat

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