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November 12, 2009

Feng Shui?

A friend of mine who, as a matter of character, always points out what is right and true (or what is honest and fair and thus makes the best sense no matter when or where) recently advised me to always remember who I am and what I am here for.  It seems I had forgotten. 


She told me to take a good look at rooms where I spend large chunks of time and arrange them so that they bring comfort and strength to me, helping me do what I am here for.  She says my kitchen is a great example of a room that belongs to and supports me.  The next time I set foot into my office, I saw what she meant, and I knew some furniture had to be moved.


Now the space is better used, and I have much better lighting. My view is from a new angle, and the mood is, well, different.  Is this just feng shui? Would a Chinese person have done this automatically in 2005? Or do we each have to figure it out for ourselves at the proper time? And what has arranging furniture to do with seeking peace, abundance, shalom?


My job is to help people learn things, and to in turn learn from them. My job is to extend the peace wherever I go to do this work. My job is to be slave to others in order to free them into God’s preferred and promised future for them.  My office (both my position and my room) must help me to do that, to be that person who helps the learning and extends the peace to others. 


It’s a surface thing, this arrangement of furniture, a surface that, like my friend, points to what is right and true about me and focuses me on what I am here for.  Learning with others, extending the peace.        Peace.  Pat




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