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November 23, 2009

Search for Peace, Abundance, Shalom – Day 35


In 20 years’ work with church leaders, I have come to know some folks with high authority and responsibility in their systems.  A handful of these people I have come to know as friends, and we have worked together at something.  As times get more tense and nerves get more jangly, I am trying to stay in closer contact with this handful of folks.  



Do you know what they are telling me? What they’re experiencing when they go out in the midst of rising tension? Sharp rises in name-calling, along with sharp drops in capacity to hear one another, let alone take one another’s perspective.  Focusing on the most sensational and missing the most subtle, resulting in old trusted friends discovering shocking distrust, which further causes them to neglect the painful truths of confusion and grief which are too deep for words.  




Luther said, “Life is full of misery. Think upon the Prince of Peace.” This sounds like a time of misery to me.  What does the Prince of Peace send us to do as we go out like lambs into the midst of wolves?  What constitutes peace, abundance, shalom at a moment of potential attack? From Luke 10 we know our mission is to go, extend the peace to the house, eat with them, cure the sick who are there, and say, “The Kingdom of God has come near to you.”  Enough revving and racing. I say, “Peace to this house!” If you are a person of peace, I will see it rest on you. Show me that it has!


Enough revving and racing.  Let’s have lunch!  Are you sick to death of lack of peace, of name-calling, of failure to hear? Maybe I can cure that.  And I can surely say to you, “The Kingdom of God has come near to you.” Just now! Did you feel it? Please tell me if you did.

Peace. Pat

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