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December 21, 2009

End of the 40-Day Quest: Learning #5

Learning #1: I excel at concentrating on obstacles to peace

Learning #2: Laughter and fun can beat Fear Itself, a big obstacle

Learning #3: I need a habit that reminds me of what I am seeking

Learning #4: When you feel as though you can’t find the peace, extend peace to someone else and watch what happens.


OK, it’s the season of parties and open houses and meeting and greeting. Also the season of high expectations and certain distractions. Four days until Christmas. Fresh white snow.  Carols everywhere. No sub-arctic temperatures.  In the middle of counting my blessings, I notice a tiny thought approaching. If my mind is like this screen you are now viewing, a small photograph has started to move from the right side of the screen toward the center. 


While I count my blessings in gratitude for abundance, this picture moves into the very center of the screen. It is a picture of someone I wish I could see but can’t. Or of something I used to have but now don’t. Or of someone I wish I didn’t have to deal with but do.  This picture is not something I ordered up, but it’s right in the center of my vision.  And the longer it stays there, the more tempted I will be to react to it with regret or resentment or animosity.  


Have you experienced this sort of intrusion? How do you deal with it?


I have been only modestly successful if I simply return to blessing counting. And going back to counting good things just avoids the picture, working around it.  I don’t need to zap the picture to smithereens. I just need it to not occupy me.  I am going to try offering the peace in some tangible appropriate way to someone anytime that happens for the next week.  Here’s how it will look.

Learning #5: When I am interrupted in my awareness of peace, abundance, shalom, I will take a moment to focus on the interruption and extend peace to it (or to someone else if the interruption is unreachable).


I will keep you posted.

Meanwhile, peace and the blessings of Christmas be on your house.  Pat

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