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December 23, 2009

End of the 40-Day Quest: What do I know now?

Learning #1: I excel at concentrating on obstacles to peace

Learning #2: Laughter and fun can beat Fear Itself, a big obstacle

Learning #3: I need a habit that reminds me of what I am seeking

Learning #4: When you feel as though you can’t find the peace, extend peace to someone else and watch what happens.

Learning #5: When I am interrupted in my awareness of peace, abundance, shalom, I will extend peace to the interrupter or to someone else


Well, dear readers, that is pretty much what I learned and what I continue to practice. I’m gifted at noticing the obstacles and interruptions, and those things often seem very large. But spending energy on them distracts me from what is usually present all along, God’s peace, abundance, and shalom.  We are blessed to have it with us, or near at hand, always. So near that, even when we feel beset, adrift, alone, and lacking, we can always extend that peace and abundance and shalom to someone else, perhaps even to the thing that seems to stand in our way at the moment.  When I don’t participate in this extending of the peace, I am crippled in my missional vocation. I am held back from being who I am called to be.


For two days (since my last posting) I have endeavored to extend the peace to interrupters. The effect is not always instant, but 8 times out of 8 that I can count, it has made me aware of the peace and where it is resting. And sometimes it is resting on me!  You may not think so, but that is breathtaking.


Think of the persons who have taught me on my quest – old classmates, high leaders of church bodies, Weight Watcher buddies, my colleagues, and family members I might not have expected to know much about peace.  As the author of Hebrews says, “We are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses.”  My confirmation pastor and my grandmothers are watching.  I want them to witness me participating in the peace of God.  I pray the same for all of you.


Peace to your house.  Pat

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