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January 18, 2010

How Does the European Church Look?

Church Innovations has for 6 years co-sponsored an International Research Consortium that brings together social scientists, theologians, and church leaders.  A few of our partners in that consortium have invited Pat Keifert and me to give a paper at a conference in Århus, Denmark, and also do some consulting and presenting with local church leaders.


So off to Scandinavia we go in late January and early February.  Off to lands where mostly there still is a state church.  Off to the home country of so many of our colleagues and friends in the Midwest.


My intention is to continue making blog posts and even posting on my Facebook page as often as I can. So watch for those. I am really interested in your opinion, so post some replies, if you would.  I plan to share with you some stories of local congregations, their triumphs and their sorrows and their questions. Wouldn’t it be great to connect in meaningful ways across such distance and seeming difference in settings? 


I mean, what’s it like to offer worship services in a 900 year old building?  What happens when thieves break in and, instead of stealing sound equipment for the contemporary worship service, they make off with a 500 year old altar painting?  What is worship attendance like when everyone in the neighborhood of the local church is actually a member in that church since their infant baptism? How does the music compare with ours?  


Can’t wait!  Come with me!  I leave in a couple of days.

Peace. Pat

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