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March 1, 2010

Why would we sacrifice for one another?

Money. Time. Effort. Caring.  They all cost us.  Plenty.


What would make us give any of them up for one another?

Why would we work to benefit somebody else?


OK, look at the Haiti efforts – quick and huge and dramatic.  People without jobs are donating time and money to people who’ve lost everything, people whom they’ll never ever meet to be thanked.


And why?

A.   It just seems like the right thing to do.

B.   I have compassion on people who’ve lost everything.

C.   If it were me, I’d hope folks would help.

D.   I feel guilty when I see the pictures.

E.   My team/group/coworkers started a fund.

F.    Other reasons


Now what about a tough decision that has to be made in your congregation – related to staffing, budget shortfalls, a quarrel among members, worship styles…


What would make us give up money, time, effort, caring to help find a way forward for our local church?


And what would make us give those things up so that the solution would work to benefit somebody else?


Peace. Pat

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