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March 3, 2010

A simple story of pushing through pain


I know one congregation that is experiencing painful division.  


Divisions can happen over decisions of a greater church body, over planning by a local church council, or even over disagreements between particular staff members, paid or unpaid.


This division is a painful one, such that the parties have a hard time even hearing one another.  The pain is real.  And yet, they keep coming together, using our model for spiritual discernment (Church Innovations’ Box and Triangle one that you know so well), and they keep listening to God and to one another, pushing through the pain.


And what has happened?


They have discovered that their local church’s mission is bigger than their differences, and they have pledged their energies toward that shared mission which hasn’t gone away just because they are divided.  They are willing to work with those they disagree deeply with in order to co-create with God a trustworthy world.


Do you know other stories like this one?


Peace. Pat

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