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March 26, 2010

Extremism Gone Wild

Why have I thought that congresspeople would be more level-headed than the rest of us? To those of you who have always known they’re not, good for you – you are more realistic than I have been.  These past couple of weeks have made me wonder what wounds are beneath all of the intensity we are hearing and seeing. What sense of being themselves threatened is causing people to threaten one another?  What deep fears are being felt and even exploited during the health care battles?

Noting how the media pick up the sensational bits and magnify them so effectively for the rest of us, I was remembering the first section of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen,” the prologue about the mirror that the devil made that magnified any speck of wrong so that the speck overpowered all the goodness that might be present alongside it.  Do you remember that story? The mirror was taken up toward the heavens and, in the story, all the goodness of Heaven finally overpowered the mirror and broke it into thousands of shards and even mirror dust. But instead of eliminating the mirror’s effect, the explosion resulted in the shards and dust falling to Earth and landing in some people’s eyes, preventing their seeing the good right before them and concentrating on the wrongs, the ills, the woes.

It seems to me we are beset by such evil shards and dust these days.  Andersen’s story had sacrificial love overcoming the ill effects, of course – true friendship and long-suffering quest cured the evil. What do you think? What sort of long-suffering quest of love will overcome our current threatening condition?     peace to your house.  Pat


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