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May 20, 2010

New Glasses

When I was about 11 I got my first pair of glasses. I could see everything clearly, suddenly!  Looking through those lenses, I was able to read and learn and pick up things I had been having trouble with. It was revolutionary and thrilling. I probably would have worn them no matter what they looked like, because what I was looking at was so much more interesting all of a sudden.


Now that I’m much older than 11, my vision prescription doesn’t change very much. My attention at the optical office is not on what I see when I look through the lenses as much as how the frames look on my face.  If it’s a kind of thrill to get new glasses, it’s much more about how I look than how the world looks to me.


What is happening? Am I taking for granted that I see clearly and accurately every day? I should not.  My husband could be the first to tell you (although he is so kind that he probably wouldn’t) that I completely fail to notice obvious things around me.  My vision may be corrected to 20-20, but what I see isn’t complete. Even what I see together with what two or three others see is probably not complete.  And not only that, it doesn’t revolutionize or thrill.


Missional Church thinking is like brand new first-time glasses. It can get us to look at our local church and its community in brand new ways, see things we have never noticed before, pay more attention to how others look than how we look. 

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