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June 10, 2009

Knots: Comparative Safety in the Storm

People on sailing vessels know how dangerous a life at sea can be. How do they cope? By tying knots. It’s a simple act – one that is practiced over and over and over again during calm times, so that when the storm rages, they can do it with ease.

Some knots secure things. Some knots hold temporarily and then slip at just the right moment. Some hold one thing down so that other things can move. These knots are simple but complex. They are deceptively easy but they hold the whole system together.


The same might be said of spiritual habits like Dwelling in the Word and doing spiritual discernment. These simple acts, practiced when a group is in calm weather, become the simple practices that focus attention and keep some things like anxiety and fear lashed to the foundation in order to let the Spirit move. When have you recently practiced tying the knot of Dwelling? Spiritual discernment? Why not today?

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