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October 14, 2009

Grateful for Abundance

It’s amazing how much of our thinking and imagining is shaped by a sense of scarcity rather than abundance.  We say no to things because we’re afraid we will run out of money, energy, time, or other resources, when those things we’re saying no to might be God’s very call to us.  Please don’t hear me say we should say yes to everything. That is not it. We are going for SHORTER lists, not longer ones, but we are trying to determine first where God is calling us, and then operate out of a belief in God’s abundance for any work and  relationships God has called into being.


It is in that spirit of gratitude for God’s abundance that we want to say welcome to a new partner congregation in the Bremer Grant project:

Randolph Heights Presbyterian Church in St. Paul, MN.  This lovely neighborhood church is not sure precisely how its work in the project will look (have any of us been sure?!) but wants to give it a try.


We are currently designing Year 2 work for Faith Lutheran in Madelia, Our Saviour’s Lutheran in Butternut, Paz Y Esperanza in Willmar, St. Barnabas Lutheran in Plymouth, Central Baptist in St. Paul, and Bethlehem Lutheran in St. Cloud.  To help the planning process, just e-mail Pat Ellison at or call her at Church Innovations 651-644-3653.

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