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October 22, 2009

3 Days into the 40 Days and Nights

So Noah gets onto the ark and God shuts the door behind him. The rain falls and the ark begins to float. Three days into the voyage… don’t you wonder what happened? Sounds like the start of a joke.


Well, I’ve begun my quest for peace, abundance, shalom. In three days I have told quite a few people about it. In the first 24 hours I told my Weight Watchers group, about 45 people I’m with almost every Tuesday morning. Some of them actually applauded. One of them even came up after the meeting and told me she recommended I read the New Testament to find real peace. She had good peace/abundance stories.  During the second 24 hours I told my colleagues on staff. Ooh! they said. That’s sounds like a great idea.


Today is the third 24 hours. I am in the midst of a giant filing project you might call a clean-up. There are, of course, thousands of files (real paper ones) that we’ve accumulated in research and development in the 20 years (Yes! This week it’s 20 years!) that I’ve been at Church Innovations. Thousands of old files create mountains of piles, especially with our overlapping categories of consulting, teaching, and research/study. I imagine Noah was encountering mountains of piles by the third day as well. So I took a moment away from the paper and sat at my computer to make a diagram of the piles and to sort the work…multiple layers of multiple innovations over multiple years. And the Lord is generous! In those multiple overlapping categories I have found some new and intriguing possibilities, just in time for our Board to interview me about the future of CI’s Research and Development work.


Peace. Abundance. Shalom. Out of the old, something new. Out of the tried and true, innovation. Out of the flood, new creation. Bless the Lord. I can’t wait until day 4!        Later! Peace. Pat


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  1. Dear Pat,

    I love it that you have chosen peace, abundance, and shalom. You will live into it. U turns are to be expected. Persistence counts. You can do this. You want to do it. You are chosing it. May you recognize and welcome it as it arrives.

    Blessings and so much love,

    Comment by Marilyn Sharpe — October 24, 2009 @ 2:17 pm

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