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October 28, 2009

9th Day in the Quest for Peace

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I am discovering that our (my) addiction to tension (and change, I think) makes peace, abundance, shalom a little tough to find. Others who have ever been on a quest are now saying, “Duh.” Ok, well, I thought of myself as a person of peace, a person who, at my own whim, could drop the need for speed and tension and just drop into the peace-consciousness of a spiritual master. “Yes, Grasshopper. You understand it.”


Setting myself the quest to seek peace has, it seems, come at a very inconvenient time.

Big training event at work: lasts all day and into two evenings!  Daughter planning a wedding: many places to see and many things to think about! 

Halloween: up a couple of pounds at Weight Watchers and candy lying around the house this week!

Yikes! I am really just too busy to be out looking for shalom.


What is peace – the peace that passes human understanding? The abundance of God through Christ Jesus, perceived because the Holy Spirit turns your head in its direction? Shalom – fullness of life? I found it several times last week as I began the quest, twice over the weekend (though it vanished almost as soon as I saw it), and a couple of times during the big training at work. It feels like…it feels like…oh my gosh. Someone has just tagged me in a photo on Facebook. I wonder what photo it was…I am going to find out. I’ll be back. 


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